Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seminar on ‘Indo- American Trade – Business Opportunities for MSMEs’

Seminar on ‘Indo- American Trade – Business Opportunities for MSMEs’ is organized by FAPCCI in association with Indo-American Chamber of Commerce and Indian Society for Public & International Affairs, Pune at Federation House, Red Hills.

Mr. Vishnu M. Choudhary, MC Member, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce said in his key note address is that the MSME sector is playing a vital role in world economic and employment development, particularly this MSME sector is rolling US economic development.

He also said that the despite the current global uncertainty, the US is the largest recipient of Indian outbound investments. India is the second largest investor in the US after UAE and in the last few years, Indian companies have invested over US$ 21 billion in the US economy. The US’ share in India’s outward FDI has increased to 6.5% in financial year 2010 from 5.7% in financial year 2009. Indian investment and trade in the US in the past two financial years stood at approximately US$50 billion.

He also explained that the according to RBI, in 2007-2008, actual FDI totaled USD 18.37 billion. Of this, equity investments (not including investments of individuals and banks) were valued at USD 15.18 billion and loans accounted for USD3.19 billion. Proposals valued at USD 8.94 billion were cleared for overseas investments in joint ventures and WOS.

Prof. Dr. K.R. Rao, Director, Indian Society for Public & International Affairs, Pune said that the foreign direct inventors are interested to invest AP based MSME’s who are doing export business with the US. The banks also ready to give the sufficient loans to such sectors or companies. The Indian Society for Public & International Affairs is organizing numerous workshops and seminars to develop international trade relations between all global and growing countries.

The President of Fapcci, Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, said that politically and economically, United States and India play a significant role in the global arena. USA is India's largest export destination and also one of the leading foreign investors in India.

The visit of US President Mr. Barak Obama deepened India-USA co-operation in pursuit of clean energy technologies including the creation of new clean energy research centre and continuing joint research into solar, bio-fuels, shale gas and building efficiency. These would definitely help India to develop its space technology and defense industry.

India's rapidly expanding economy along with a booming consumer market and easy availability of skilled personnel has been instrumental in attracting several American companies to invest in India. USA is the third largest contributor of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India. Engagement between the Indian and USA Small and Medium Enterprise sectors is crucial for creating a favorable business and policy environment to strengthen economic recovery, stimulate growth and create jobs in both the countries. There are several areas where there is abundant scope to further improve economic cooperation between India and USA. Opportunities for progress exists especially in areas like communication infrastructure, IT, telecom, IT-enabled services, data centers, software development, and other knowledge industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology.

Andhra Pradesh is one of the fastest growing economies in world and became one of the hottest investment destinations among the various investment options in the fast growing emerging economies. The State is Ranked 2nd in the country in attracting investments. In a recent World Bank Report, Hyderabad is ranked second easily accessible city in India for doing business. The booming Andhra Pradesh economy has a lot to offer for foreign investors, foreign institutional investors, venture capitalists, and portfolio managers etc. to leverage vast pool of natural, human and intellectual resources of Andhra Pradesh, apart from various attractive investment opportunities.

Mr. Hari Haran, Co-Chairman, International Trade Committee, FAPCCI the India-US Trade Policy Forum (TPF) and the arrangement between the two governments to discuss trade and investment issues is a welcome step. The issues and concerns are discussed under five focus groups, agriculture, tariff and non-tariff barriers, services, innovation and creativity, investment. This would help in furthering the trade between the two countries.

The SME sector can achieve great heights by ushering innovation, competitiveness and sustainability. Unlike many developed economies SMEs are well defined in India and their spectrum is quite wide. This sector plays an important role in the growth of economy. India and USA can promote their strategic business alliance and facilitate capacity building and innovation by engaging the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) of both the nations.

Urban Infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh

The Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development, Government of A.P. in association with The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) organized Seminar on “Urban Infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh - Special focus on Hyderabad as International livable City “on 12th May, 2011 at Federation House, FAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

The objective of the seminar is to create a platform to share the experiences of various experts and professional Officials in providing suggestions to enhance the urban development infrastructure facilities.

Seminar is focusing issues relating to urban development, planning, governance and infrastructure finance for infrastructure development projects, environmental issues, housing and urban transformation of Andhra Pradesh cities with a specific reference to Hyderabad city and to identify the business opportunities in social and urban infrastructure. The seminar is also focusing issues relating to Regulatory and Legal issues involved in urban infrastructure projects including land acquisition etc.

Workshop on “Win Before You Begin”

Workshop on “Win Before You Begin” is organized by FAPCCI CEO Forum at Hotel Katria, Somajiguda. Mr. Michelangelo Celli, Chairman, Cornucopia Group and a management expert based in the US was the chief guest for the seminar.

Mr. Celli said in his key note address is that the Changes that come about in marketing and challenges they pose to CEOs are faster than what B-schools can conceive and teach. Most often CEOs tend to neglect the most important aspect of marketing, which is the role played by the CEO himself.

“Our experience working with companies in the US shows that the last stone that is left unturned to analyze the problem is the role played by the CEO himself. Often they tend to think that the problem is with others in the company rather than analyzing how they are looking at marketing,” he sought to convey to those gathered at the interactive session here today.

The Indian market situation is lot different from what is in the West where there is intense competition and struggle to garner share. Some companies which have been doing well for nearly two decades could suddenly find themselves in deep trouble as they are not able to keep pace with the rapidly changing marketing demands. There is also this tendency of confusing marketing with sales, he warned.

Citing the case of a refrigerator, which has been working well for last 10 years but had broken down? He said the immediate reaction is to look at replacing it with a new one. For all you know that it could be a minor problem with its cable. Drawing the same analogy, he said company CEO's need to look at marketing with new insights. Sometimes, they may need expert guidance.

The President of Fapcci, Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, said that great warrior Napoleon Bonaparte when asked by his senior warriors what set him apart in winning wars against tough opposition, he said that battles are won in the mind not on the battlefields.

Mr. V.S. Raju, Senior Vice president, Mr. Devendra Surana, Vice President, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao from Fapcci also spoke at the occasion.

Seminar on “Medical Tourism: A Road Map”

His Excellency Mr. ESL Narasimhan, Governor of Andhra Pradesh inaugurated an Exhibition and State Level Seminar on “Medical Tourism: A Road Map” today morning at FAPCCI, Red Hills, Hyderabad on “Hyderabad as an International Hub for Medical Tourism – A Road Map”.

Mr. Vatti Vasantha Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism & Culture, Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, Secretary to Govt., Tourism Department, Govt. of AP, Dr. P.V. Ramesh, Principal Secretary, Medical and Health & Family Welfare department, Government of AP and Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, President, Mr. V.S. Raju, Senior Vice President, Mr. Devendra Surana, Vice President, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General from FAPCCI are participated at the occasion.

Inauguration of "Business Help Desk of Iran"

His Excellency Mr. Mahamoud Safari Farkhud, Consul General, Consulate General of the Islamic Republic of Iran was inaugurated the Business Help Desk of Iran at 5.00pm today Federation House, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

Mr. Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, Special Secretary to Govt., Tourism Department, Govt. of AP was the guest of honour. Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, President, FAPCCI, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General, Mr. V.S. Raju, Senior Vice president, Mr. V.V. Sanyasi Rao, Chairman, Rural Development Committee are participated at the occasion.

Seminar on “Medical Tourism – A Road Map”

The Tourism Department, Government of AP in association with FAPCCI jointly organizing an State Level Seminar & Exhibition on “Hyderabad - International Hub for Medical Tourism – A Road Mapfrom 3rd May 2011 to 4th May 2011 at Federation House, FAPCCI Marg, Red Hills, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad.

The objective of the Seminar is to enhance the visibility of the services of corporate hospitals of the Hyderabad towards promotion of medical tourism, to identify important tourist places in the state of A.P and with affordable tour and travel packages and also to deliberate on medical and tourism infrastructure facilities and important policy decisions required to make Hyderabad as an international city of medical tourism. The deliberations of the seminar will be forwarded to the officials and also to the concerned organizations which leads to lay a road map to create Medical Tourism hub at Hyderabad.

His Excellency Mr. E.S.L. Narasimhan Hon’ble Governor of A.P. has kindly consented to inaugurate the Exhibition on 3rd May, 2011. Mr. Vatti Vasanth Kumar, Hon’ble Minister for Tourism, Government of Andhra Pradesh will give special address. Mr. Jayesh Ranajn, I.A.S., Secretary, Tourism and Dr. P. V. Ramesh, I.A.S, Principle Secretary Medical and Health Department, Government of A.P; Dr. Prem Jagyasi, Founder, Consultant and Health Care Network, Dubai will also participate in the National Level Exhibition.

Interested doctors and hospital of joining the State Level Seminar & Exhibition on Medical Tourism – A Road Map may contact Mrs. P. Vydehi, Director, Research on 98661 24628.

Export Marketing : Procedure & Documentation

The Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India Ltd in association with FAPCCI jointly organized a 3-day Capacity Building Program on ‘Export Marketing : Procedure & Documentation’ on 28 April 2011 at Surana Udyog Auditorium, Federation House, FAPCCI Marg, Red Hills, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad.

Mr. M. Gopinath, ITS, Regional Joint Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of India was the chief guest for the occasion. Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, President, FAPCCI, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General, Fapcci, Mr. Hariharan, Vice Chairman, International Trade Committee, Fapcci are the other dignitaries at the occasion.

Mr. Gopanath said in this occasion is that the Export marketing is playing a vital role in Indian economy, and it reaches 247 billion dollars in the last economical year. And 3.3 billion dollar the policy the government have export and import commodities to understand the export policies we can trade classification principles of restrictions like surplus international local requirements

Mr. Shekhar Agarwal said in his welcome address is that the India’s progress in terms of exporting goods and services has been remarkable since the mid-1990s, especially compared with India’s position in the early 1990s. The recent growth in Indian exports is primarily led by an increase in factor productivity, growth in world trade, increase in intra-industry trade and external sector reforms.

The exports for the year ending March 2011 touched US$ 245.9 billion registering a growth of 37.5%. For the first time the figures have reached the US$ 200 billion mark which was a target set for last financial year and exports have indeed exceeded our expectation. Imports for the same period stood at US$ 350.3 billion and the trade deficit figure has come down to US$ 10.4.4 billion.

Small and medium scale enterprises are the most significant contributor in the field of India's exports. There has been a prominent increase in the exports from this sector of both traditional and non-traditional goods including jewelery, garments, leather, hand tools, engineering goods, software, etc. Also, the enterprises with good export performance have greater stability in the economy. But, there is still lot of problems in exporting the products by small and medium entrepreneurs to other regions/ countries/ areas. They are not very familiar with the steps and formalities involved in exporting goods from India. They need to be made aware of all the steps involved in the process, such as, registration of exporters; selection of export market and buyers; receipt of enquiries, letter of intent, letter of credit, bill of lading, etc; insurance coverage; obtaining shipping order; certificate of origin; sending documents to importers; etc. I am sure, this program will benefit the participants in understanding the various aspects of export business.

Mr. hariharan said that Andhra Pradesh achieved an average annual economic growth rate of 9% for the 5 years period from 2004-2009. The continuous investments in infrastructure have given a boost to foreign and domestic investment, and the city has become a major destination for corporates and institutions. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is the very recent addition. Andhra Pradesh, being ranked first in the manufacturing of bulk drugs and third in formulations in the country, accounts for 40 per cent of the total Indian bulk drug production and 50 per cent of the bulk drug exports. Andhra Pradesh with the Central Govt. is promoting a pharma cluster with Rs 66.16 crore at the Petroleum, Chemicals, Petrochemical Investment Region covering East Godavari and Vizag where waste could be let out into the sea.

CCI’s Outreach Programme on “Combination Regulations”

The Competition Commission of India organized an interactive meeting with various stakeholders in Hyderabad today. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Geeta Gouri, a member of the Commission which was attended by a large number of industry representatives, legal firms connected with the subject and representatives from the Company Secretaries of India and other accounting Institutes. CCI has organized such meetings earlier in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai also.

The Central Government has issued certain notifications on March 4 making the provisions of the Competition Act relating to combinations enforceable w.e.f. 1st June 2011. While issuing such notifications, some of the concerns of the industry were addressed by way of increasing the prescribed threshold limits by 50% and providing exemptions to smaller transactions from the applicability of the provisions of Act. The Industry had openly shared some of their concerns relating to the process of implementation, which is regulated by the Commission by way of notifying Regulations. Though the Commission had posted Draft Regulations on its website seeking comments, to widen the scope of the consultative process further, the Commission has taken steps to organize such consultative meetings in major cities. Industry has welcomed this proactive step of the Commission.

The officers of the Commission took note of the comments/suggestions made by various stakeholders and the Member present assured the participants that all their suggestions will be considered with open mind in the next meeting of the Commission scheduled on 29th May. It was further assured that the Commission would examine only a few such complex cases in details which could have appreciable adverse effect on competition and the rest will disposed off very quickly by the Commission.

Pattern of Industrial Growth and Investment in AP

Workshop on “Pattern of Industrial Growth and Investment in AP” is held on 25th April 2011, from 4 pm at Surana Udyog Hall, Federation House, Red Hills. Principal Secretary (Finance and Planning) to the Government of AP Mr. J.C. Sharma was the chief guest for the occasion. Mr. Karikal Valevan, Commissioner of Industries has presided over the workshop.

Mr. J.C. Sharma said in his chief guest address is that though the industrial policy is acclaimed by one and all as the best policy; there are certain gaps in implementation that needs to be taken care of. He further stated that studies should be followed by action, so that desired results can be achieved. The case for revival of APIDC will be taken up with the government very soon and see whether the responsibility of promotion of specific sectors can be given to APIDC.

Mr. Karikal Valevan has said that Government is trying to develop sector specific policies to speed up the industrial growth in the State. He congratulated FAPCCI for playing a pro-active role in promoting industrial sector.

Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, said in his welcome address said that the The Indian economy is firmly on the path of steady growth. The recent spurt in growth is propelled by radical reforms such as the removal of restrictions on foreign investment and industrial de-licensing. This trend is expected to continue in the future, driven by a favorable business policy environment in terms of tax cuts, broadening tax base and reduced interest rates.

The liberalization of the economy has opened new windows of opportunity for manufacturing sector. Increasingly the success of manufacturing sector is dependent on innovation, research and development. It is critical not only to remain competitive but also significant advantages can be gained by developing and commercializing new technologies.

The structural transformation of the Indian economy over the last three decades has been spectacular growth of the Services Sector, which now accounts for more than 50% of the GDP.

However the rapid growth of the services sector much before the manufacturing industry attaining maturity is not a healthy sign. A Knowledge-based economy cannot be sustained in the long run unless it is adequately supported by a growing manufacturing economy.. Moreover a service economy cannot continue to thrive on a long term basis in a country where over 80% of the population education is below the middle school level.

Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Mr. M.M. Sriram also spoke at the occasion.

State Level Conference of “Chambers of Commerce and Associations”

State level Conference of " Chambers of Commerce and Associations" on various issues with various Government higher officials was organized today from 10.00am to 5.00pm at Surana Udyog Auditorium, Red Hills, Hyderabad on 23 April 2011.

Mr. R. Karikal Velavan, IAS, Commissioner of Industries, Mr. B.R. Meena, IAS, Vice Chairman & MD, APIIC, Mr. B.B. Prasad, IRS, Commissioner of Customs, Central Excise & Service Tax, Mr. Suresh Chandra, IAS, Commissioner of Commercial Taxes, Mr. M. Narayanappa, Commissioner, Regional Provident Fund, Mr. U.H. Rao, Addl Commissioner & Regional Director, ESI Corporation, Mr. B. Shiva prasad, Joint Chief Environmental Engineer, AP Pollution Control Board, Mr. R. Ravi Bhushan Rao, Joint Commissioner of Labour, Mr. K. Ranganatham, Joint Managing Director, Power Transport Corporation of AP, Mr. D. Vijaya Bhaskar, ICLS, Official Liquidator, High Courte of Andhra pradesh, Mr. P. Venugopal, Director, Software Technology Park of India, Mr. A. Bhaskar Reddy are the key speakers at the occasion.

Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, President, FAPCCI, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General, FAPCCI, Mr. Shiv Kumar Rungta, Chairman, District Networking & Membership Development Committee, Mr. Meela Jayadev, Chairman, Indirect Taxes Committee are the other dignitaries at the dais.

Industries are Invited for FAPCCI Industrial Job Fair