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Seminar on “Industry and Environment” on 29/12/10

The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) and Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board (APPCB) are jointly organized Seminar on “Industry and Environment” today at Surana Udyog Auditorium, Federation House, Red Hills, Hyderabad.

Dr. P. Shankar Rao, Minister for Small Scale Industries, Government of AP was participated as Chief Guest.

Mr. B. Sambob, IAS, Principal Secretary to Govt. of AP, Industries & Commerce Department, Mr. K.Madhusudana Rao, IAS, A.P. Pollution Control Board, Mr. B.R. Meena, IAS, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director, APIIC, Mr. Karikal Valaven, IAS, Commissioner of Industries are participated as honorary guests and Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, President, FAPCCI, Mr. Venkat Jasti, Chairman, Environment Committee, FAPCCI, Mr. Devendra Surana, Vice President, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General, FAPCCI and large number of industrialists from all over the state are participated in the session.

Mr. K. Narayan Reddy, Managing Director, Virchow Laboratories, Dr. M. Anji Reddy, Professor of Environmental Science & Technology, JNTU, Mr. B. Madhusudhan rao, Jt. CEE, APPCB, Dr. KSM Rao, Director, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd, Mr. A.E. Naidu, Navabharat Ferro Alloys Ltd, Mr. P. Anantham, President, My Home Cement Group, Dr. S.S. Vara Prasad, Consultant, Pharma & EMP, Dr. M. Narayana Rao, Emeritus Professor, JNTU, Mr. J.M. Reddy, Chief promoter, Octagon Technical Solutions, Mr. Chari H.K, CEO, Pochampally Park Handloom, Mr. K. Laxman Rao, Director, Jeedimetla Common Effluent Treatment Ltd and many technicians, scientists, and industrialists are participated in the technical session.


Mr. Madhusudhan Rao, Principal Secretary, APPCB

Good Morning, the members of the industry and addressed the gathering, this Seminar on Industry and Environment as part of society and sensitize public and Industry. The dimensions are quality of the sensitization. This sensitization high that from 213 complaints only 2 to 3 free from it. When we talk about industry, we have 8500 Red category, 1,00,000 Small scale industries of not pollution permission taken , environment critical , Most pharma , I hope all this, these require with an approach right in the beginning on important industry . These 17 acres identified CPCB and right across lot of focus each industry as industry share of permit for project is to one and half years kept and work out action. The history of industry and environment problem 1986 we have problem posed of people residential areas with polluting industry starting developing as cluster. In Hyderabad, there is still lot quality maintenance of different treatment i.e. water treatment, air treatment, CFE, CPO are all concerned very evidently. Still we assess mentioned in the format authorized check and inspect , even to have to some of the companies definitely some repetitive risk will have to question try for improvement . Vehicle pollution and Environment pollution. Issue assumes of maintenance of environmental pollution the quality committee suggests recently from different organizations how to dispose off. As Industrialization and urbanization cause benefits to the society, we need to find a alternative seriously for protection of environment. Patancheruvu, Bollaram, either action required from industry or to Govt. comprehensive to get it within maintenance industry within the framework. What are the issues of the industry, what are the scopes for development of water treatment, Air pollution treatment. Environemnt protections are continuous process and take care 24 x 7 hours monitoring issue. We have identified 70 industries we are on line monitoring in the month of January, 2011, the quality equipment they are maintaining, the pollution control levels monitored. Every entrepreneur is expected to maintain quality equipment and gives least pollution effect as social responsibility.

Mr. Karikal Valven, Commissioner of Industries

Appreciating the FAPCCI the commissioner addressed the gathering the background paper sub mitted by Fapcci is well provided well thought out and properly done. We are aware the Govt. Step economic progress, better level of living of people combines economic growth. Govt. has given various subsidies and concessions to pollution clean up matter to lot of industries.

Mr. B.R. Meena, C MD APIIC

It is inaugural programme instead of view things needs infrastructure point of view we look from the quite industry, water, power route, whatever it demands system, environment management has become very important our industrial part is an important issue 2 years ago the environment issue was taken serious from the govt. point of view from the court point of view when issue arises against environment. The Govt. while creating infrastructure make provision caused 30s unless started longer 70s,80,90s There was not much importance to this aspect now very important in our infrastructure corporation it becomes very important now we are processing in the industrial part which are becoming now sure that environment clearance to check come to APSEZ in Vizag almost 6000 acres area.

Mr. B. Sam Bob, Principal Secretary, Industries Department, Govt. of AP

I appreciate the FAPCI and APPCB for conducting such an important seminar on Industry and Environment both are very important. Normally we are receiving complaints from Industries APPC Ever since Man is very responsible towards environment and eco friendly. New industries are coming up because now we are available certainly and govt. of India should see minimize the environment of out. We are all related directly or indirectly with you we have responsible and more responsible as entrepreneurs aware that the industry finally effect for pollution, naturally it is viable pollution. Now today we having lot of Environment Management thought the Govt. and PCB and also more important industrial in curbing these adverse effects control as industry converts from Govt. site. Incharge industrial protection in the state I have bigger industries permitted with the reason when we draft a new policy these industries cleanup techniques somewhat incentives said planned. When we talk of problem we have existing industries of meeting take about these periods of time Azam industrial park during nizam period which is residential far of place, now it has become livable residential area. We have been representing to the high court regularly now industries and land other facilities this process ignored on. Now we have today no more industry to come up.

So as to pollution potential industrial development we have addition of resources in the state we need to have proper planning with local administration MCH, PCB should see that industry can come up which are pollution free industries/non pollution free industries which category industry. Incharge will clear industry , provide infrastructure .Since the technology prevent pollution of those machinery Industry independent hence may request you to work how as society on you held , hence to see industries may kind control this has to be in future pollution free period. New technology come the important new challenges come up with environment in the leadership, local entrepreneurs. The PCB, the Management board, Management committee aware PCB free from pro active in this regard.

Dr. P. Shankar Rao, Hon’ble Minister for Small Scale Industries:

The state government are recognized the value and worth of the industries and we are decided to promote and support MSMEs and Large Scale industries to develop employment and economical developments in the state.

It is for any country in any state of India in promoting the Industry in turn enhances the revenue of the state as well as individual employees. The Small scale and large scale industries ministries and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh are showing keen interest in providing infrastructure facilities to industrialists. The government of AP is providing the best infrastructure and facilities to the all MSME and Large scale industries.

Every industrialist of all ranges is shall aware about the pollution problems and everyone must have their own water treatment plant in their respective industries. Entrepreneurs should ensure to maintain water treatment plants, water filters, air pollution filters to overcome pollution problems. Once the industrial areas are becoming residential area because of vast development and we are forced to vacate the residents in view of the industrial pollutions. State Govt. has taken steps to curb the pollution with Chief Minister. He says that industries should be given best industrial infrastructure including raw materials part and in all respects. Govt. secretaries best employees to help out in clearance of your industries.

Mr. Sekhar Agarwal, President, FAPCCI

Addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of Industry and Environment. He also emphasized the importance of today’s seminar and how The Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board and the Minister for Industries are helping improve industry in turn towards economic progress. He also told that the Pollution control board is nothing but it is pollution management board to help the overall society, to the people, to the entrepreneur and to the state as whole.

Mr. Venkat Jasti, Chairman, Environment Committee, FAPCCI

Industry and pollution too are most important to the people of the society. Firstly I appreciate the FAPCCI and APPCB combine conducting this Seminar which is most beneficial to all classes of the society. Everyone speaks about environment for the last 15 years. After 1957 with various regularization A.P Govt. have taken initiatives are very good yet use different permit to help separately. Air Control Board and Pollution Control Board which will appreciate the huge effort taken by the Member Secretary, AP Pollution Board appreciable.

Industry part is concerned; industries should obtain clearance from the pollution and maintaining quality equipment for controlling pollution. I think lot of gaps, there is no coordination between departments one of the delicate issues is connectivity. Infrastructure facilities will be given from time to time. Moreover the PCB would move to helping for a new industry explaining the clearances to be obtained in order to meet 50%. Unfortunately there are some legal issues and some upgrades better society. More or less Industry confidently we are supporting the exchange huge amount of taxes and revenues sustained bale employment. Production levels in order to do more to the society and people we need up with time CCP are not might ESP are not treated, we are interested 2000 crores. Industrial despatches and PCB and industry needs to deliver within environment committee. The committee should be pro active subject growth of industry and protection of the environment.

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