Friday, April 8, 2011

Indo Israel joint Projects in IT, Telecom & Water

FAPCCI organized a meeting with Mr.Mouneer Aghbaria, Chief of Economic Affairs, Embassy of Israel, New Delhi.

Embassy of Israel, Mr. Mounee Aghbaria stated on the occasion that their Country will support and coordinate with the Andhra Pradesh in the project Developments in IT, Telecom & worker Water Management Sectors. He showed his appreciation towards India and he stated that, India is very conducive destination for Business, Investments etc.

Mr. Mounee Aghbaria visited FAPCCI for a programme on bilateral trade April 08, 2011.

On this occasion he stated that the Embassy of Israel is going to sign agreements with Andhra Pradesh Government for joint Projects in Information Technology, Telecom & Water Management.

Israel focuses its efforts in developing projects to conserve water by Waste Water Management, Water Treatment, Water Recycling.

Israel is more efficient in water treatment compared to the water conservation to save the time and manpower. He advised the same be implemented in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal to save time and manpower. He also specified that the Israel showed their interest in pilot project which is already started and also he particularly specified that the Israel country proposes Rs. 27 Millions to start the projects in Water Treatment, R & D, IT etc jointly with Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion they propopse to start an Exhibition with the name of “GROW IN” (Growing INDIA).

Financial outlay of 27million dollars for 2yrs term is set aside for the scheme, in support of expenses of companies in India and China. To establish the business Israel will assist and adopt the Israeli companies, to the local condition in India by Israel has sent proposal to about three companies in India & China.

The project outlay would be 200 million by Private investors and 25 million each by Israel and Government of India respectively.

Mr. Shekhar Agarwal, President said in his welcome address is that the both Andhra Pradesh and Israel offer substantial opportunities and can cooperate each other in the field of agriculture, food-processing, biotech, aerospace and other similar sectors, by adopting new/latest technology.

Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General, FAPCCI, Mr. Nitin. K. Parekh, Chairman, Trade and Commerce Committee and Mr. Hari Haran, Co Chairman, International Trade Relations Committee also spoke.

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