Saturday, November 3, 2012

India would be the No. 1 in Medical Tourism by 2015: Padmabhushan Dr. PM Bhargava, Founder & Director, CCMB

FAPCCI in association with i-Transition Worldwide, Texas, USA organized an International Conference on Indian medical tourism conference & alliance - IMTCA 2012  on 2nd November 2012 at The Park Hotel, Hyderabad.  Padmabhushan Dr. P. M. Bhargava, Founder Director, CCMB was the chief guest for this occasion and Dr. A Dharma Rakshak, Director of Nizams Institute of Medical Science was the key note speaker. 

Few Important points from speeches by the Hon’ble guests:

Dr. Bhargava speech-

Indian medical tradition has 2500 years great history. Ayurveda, Siida Vaidya and Unani were the most popular Indian medical traditions and Girijana vaidya also another great medical tradition. Ayurveda, Sidda vaidyam and Unani was documented. 

India has 40,000 medical based plants, and we developing more than 20,000 drugs in various levels. Texal is the most popular and most used drug world over, developed by Indian traditional medical system. 

India can be world leader in general medical surgery, Infertility and Traditional medicine by 2015. 

Private hospital must avoid unnecessary prescriptions, tests and services to the patients. Some of the hospitals are giving very good services to the needy patients, but many other hospitals concentrating on money making. Those kinds of hospitals are suggesting unwanted tests, giving unnecessary drugs to the patients. 

Indian nurses are the best amongst the world in terms of service, particularly Keralites. 

Dr. Dharma Rakshak speech-

Arogyasri expands the best medical services from urban to rural, particularly below poverty line people across. 

Unani and Homeopathy have great potentiality in Hyderabad. 

Sustainable employment is available in healthcare industry in Hyderabad. 

From last two decade Hyderabad hospital industry is growing very fastely with rate of 12% 

Mr. Devendra Surana speech-

The IT, Education and Healthcare industries are the major drivers in Hyderabad in terms of industrial, economical, infrastructure and social development  


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  2. I thought this was organized by i-Transitiion and One healthcare worldwide. Why is there no mention about the organizing company?

  3. Dr. Dharma Rakshak speech & Mr. Devendra Surana speech are impressive about Medical Tourism in India