Monday, June 15, 2015

Without industry the vision of Golden Telangana will not fructify: Sri Jupally Krishna Rao, Hon'ble Minister for Industries

Points noted in the “Make In India” Conference by FTAPCCI @ Park Hyatt
Jitender Reddy Garu:
1) The CM, KCR garu has initiated an conducive industrial environment by providing power to the industry & residences.
2) It is important to improve industry in Telangana. Our CM in inviting all industries to invest in our state.
3) For eg: In my own district Mahboobnagar, we have large units like Johnson & Johnson, P & G and Amazon who have set up their operations, who have employed about 80% of our location job seekers in their facilities. We have built up a skill training center with a tie up with an Australian skill development organisation for the local talent to get them employed in the factories & enterprises in Mahboobnagar.

Jupalli Krishna Rao Garu:
1) Without industry the vision of Golden Telangana will not fructify. We invite all the industries to invest in the state.
2) Our government promises transparency & lays Red carpet to the investors. We have the firm registration process an easy job by putting in place a process where the Investors just need to fill in a upload a single application form and can get all clearances on 30th day and for mega projects in 50days.
3) As promised by our CM, we have implemented “NO POWER CUTS” for the industries. We have also initiated power incentives and other benefits to develop a conducive eco system.
4) What we lack is appropriate skills and sophistication in manufacturing industry to support this growth.
5) We invite all the industries to grow & invest and we will support you in every step.

Mr. BVR Mohan Reddy:
1) It was Parkisnon in his his book who had predicted that India and China with become a super Power at the end of 21st Century. Already China has become the leader in manufacturing and we are doing a great job in IT industry.
2) It is imperative to have “Make in India” because:
a) We need to generate 600 million jobs in the next 10 yrs.
b) We have to reduce our imports bill. This currently at $30bn only that need to grow exponentially.
c) Foster self-reliance for both pride and security
The challenges ahead of us are:
I. We lack manufacturing competitiveness.
II. There is reduced “ease of business”
III. Develop economics of scale for profitability.
IV. We lack an innovation culture and are afraid of taking certain steps to grow.
V. We don’t have the right talent.
My suggestions are:
1. We encourage entrepreneurship.
2. Build reforms in taxation.
3. Build specific environments for specific sectors such as – aerospace, electronics etc..
4. Bring on the next wave of industrial revolution called “Manufacturing revolution”.
5. Support entrepreneurship through incubation centres.


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