Monday, August 15, 2011

65th Independence Day Celebrations at FAPCCI

The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) has celebrated 65th Independence Day celebrations at FAPCCI at 8.30am today. Mr V.S. Raju, President, FAPCCI has Hoisted the Flag. Mr. Srinivas Ayyadevara, Vice President, Mr. Nitin K Paresh, Chairman, Trade and Commerce Committee, Mr. Meela Jayadev, Chairman, Indirect Taxations Committee, FAPCCI, Mr. Manoj Kumar Agarwal, Co Chairman, Urban Infrastructure & Telecommunications Committee, Mr. M.V. Rajeshwara Rao, Secretary General and Mr. A.S. Kumar, Dyputy Secretary General, FAPCCI have also participated at the celebrations.

Mr. V.S. Raju while speaking on this occasion - emphasized that unity in diversity is the strength of Indian Nation, while undergoing difficult testing times of the country could come out with flying colors, and show to the whole world about the democratic strength of India.

While the developed Nations are struggling with continued economic recession, India is able to sustain the growth rate and continued to so and hoped more flow of investments from abroad to India particularly to the State of Andhra Pradesh.

On behalf of FAPCCI he also congratulated all the Army and Police Medal awardees of the Nation.

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