Monday, February 6, 2012

Violence and Distruction in Regency Ceramics Limited

Media Release

Violence and Distruction in Regency Ceramics Limited –

Destabilizing Trend in the Industrial Relations and industrial Development

FAPCCI strongly condemns the burning down to ashes the factory premises of Regency Ceramics Limited, a highly respected and leading exporter of ceramic products; grievously attacking its President Sri K. C. Chandrasekhar leading to his death and losing life of its union leader Sri Murali Mohan. Such acts of vandalism, hooliganism and violence will seriously affect the industrial peace and relations in the State and is a blot on the very process of collective bargaining, intended to amicably resolve differences between management and employees. The loss and the trauma caused due to this most unfortunate unruly incident raises a question mark on the very survival of the unit and the employment and livelihood of more than 6000 people involved directly or indirectly. The company has pioneered into the development of the society through its Corporate Social Responsibility activities such as starting and managing educational institutions in the area, and causing setting up of several ancillary units and thereby helping the economic and social development of the local area. Such a well-meaning organization is brought down to collapse and traumatic extinction.

It is a signal that undesirable elements are gaining access into the collective bargaining and negotiating process, disrupting the industrial relations between management and employees. This incident rings danger signals to hitherto well maintained peaceful industrial climate in the State. FAPCCI urges the State Government to conduct immediately an inquiry into these untoward incidents and to ensure that necessary preventive and preemptive steps are taken to see that this incident shall not set a trend in the peaceful industrial climate prevailing in the State. Never before in the history of industrial development have taken place such a ghastly scene of setting a factory on fire unto ashes, grievously attacking management personnel leading to death and causing loss of life of a union leader. Every right thinking person condemns these acts of violence, atrocity and disturbance to industrial peace.

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