Tuesday, March 12, 2013

“Business Opportunities between India and Saudi Arabia”

The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FAPCCI) in association The Embassy of Saudi Arabia to India, Saudi-Indian business council and FICCI jointly organized a meeting on “Business Opportunities between India and Saudi Arabia for Promoting Trade and Investment Partnerships” on March 05, 2013 at Federation House, Hyderabad.  Dr. Abdulrahman Al Rabiah, Chairman, Saudi-Indian business council was the Chief Guest and Mr. Sri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS., VC & MD, A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd was the Guest of honour at the occasion.  

Talking points from speakers:

Dr. Abdulrahman Al Rabiah, Chairman, Saudi-Indian business council
Ø  $624 billion Investment Opportunity
Ø  Saudi Arabia national budget for the 2013 fiscal year, with total allocated funds $ 219 Billion
Ø  Net foreign assets in 2012 for Saudi Arabia  $628 Billion
Ø  The Government domestic debt was cut to a long-term low of $26.4 billion in 2012, equivalent to only 3.6 % of GDP
Ø  The Government budget surplus in 2012 $102 Billion
Ø  The Government budget expected surplus in 2013 $ 9Billion
Ø  Saudi Arabia Export/GDP 54.4%
Ø  Saudi Arabia Import/GDP 23.2%
Ø  Advantages Of Saudi Non Oil Exports
Ø  Applying International Standard & Specification
Ø  Availability of Raw Material
Ø  Accessibility to about 150 International Markets
Ø  Competitive price
Ø  Financing programs
Ø  Air, sea & land cargo from various ports
Ø  Strong GDP growth
Ø  The 1st in the world in terms of lowest energy prices
Ø  Large budget and current account surpluses
Ø  Largest world Oil reserves (25% of world oil reserves)
Ø  Fourth Largest Natural Gas reserves
Ø  The Largest producer of Petrochemicals in the Arab World
Ø  The largest economy in the Arab World & among the top Economies in the world
Ø  17th worldwide Exporter  & 31st worldwide Importer
Ø  Top of the list of Arab host of foreign direct investment flow &  inter-Arab investments interfaces

Mr. Sri Jayesh Ranjan, IAS, VC & MD, A.P. Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd
Ø  AP is among the top 3 states of the Country for industrial investments.
Ø   2nd Largest Mineral Store House of India
Ø  Second longest coast line of 974 kms
Ø  85 out of 500 top global corporate are present in the state.
Ø  Unique State having huge agricultural and horticulture production
Ø  Investor-friendly and proactive policies – rated one of the best in the country
Ø  SEZs in Andhra Pradesh
Ø  SEZs notified.                           ---       74  (Highest in the country)
Ø  Employment ( Projected)         ---       2.5 Mil persons
Ø  Total Projected Investment      ---       US$ 15393 Mil
Ø  Total land for 74 notified SEZs  ---        27,173.05 Acres
Ø  SEZs in Operation
Ø  SEZs in operation                                 : 32
Ø  Employment (Generated so far)          : 1,24,796 persons
Ø  Direct :                                     : 100789 persons 
Ø  Indirect:                                               : 24007 persons
Ø  Investment made                                 : US$ 3.16 Bil
Ø  Exports from SEZs (2010-11)                   : US$ 2.71 Bil 
Ø  Infrastructure in AP - Power
Ø  The State has been awarded as the Best Power Utility in  the country  for 2010
Ø  Total installed capacity in AP is 15,768 MW – Second Largest Power utility in the country
Ø  Capacity addition of  5000 MW by June 2014 and 17,000 MW  planned by June 2015
Ø  Power Tariff for industrial consumers is one of the lowest  in the country
Ø  APIIC: Date of incorporation                     26-09-1973
Ø  No. of Industrial Parks                                396
Ø  Land Bank  (in acres)                                1,36,389
Ø  Govt.       85880
Ø  Patta       50509
Ø   Available land for allotment (in acres) 27,413 (incl.UDL)
Ø  Core Functions
Ø  Identification of potential sites for industrial areas.
Ø  Acquisition/Alienation of lands for Industrial Parks.
Ø  Providing infrastructure facilities in Industrial Parks/IT Parks/Biotech Parks/Apparel Parks/SEZs with its own engineering divisions.
Ø  Allotment of land/plots/sheds for various industries.
Ø  Identification and development of infrastructure projects under PPP mode.
Ø  Strengths of APIICView blog
Ø  APIIC spread over in all districts of Andhra Pradesh with 15 Zonal Offices.
Ø  APIIC owned 396 Industrial Parks which includes sector specific IT, Biotechnology, Apparels, Pharmaceuticals, Autonagars, Automotives and Special Economic Zones.
Ø  APIIC manpower includes Asset Management, Engineering, Finance, Legal, Internal Audit, Quality Control, Administration etc. As on date , 764 employees ( including Contract and out sourcing ) are working .
Ø  APIIC exercises the local authority powers under AP Panchayat Raj and Municipal Acts.
Ø  APIIC has proposed for establishment of 3 National Investment Manufacturing Zones at
Ø  1.Medak District
Ø  2.Chittoor District
Ø  3.Prakasham District
Ø  Out of the three Government of India has accorded in principle approval for establishing National Investment Manufacturing Zones at Medak District and Chittoor District.

Mr. Devendra Surana, President, FAPCCI
Ø  The 2 million plus strong Indian community in Saudi Arabia is the largest expatriate community in the Kingdom and is the ‘most preferred community’ due to their expertise, sense of discipline, law abiding and peace loving nature. The contribution made by Indian community to the development of Saudi Arabia is well acknowledged.  The Haj pilgrimage is another important component of bilateral relations with more than 1.7 lakh Indians performing Haj every year, representing third largest contingent performing Haj.

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