Saturday, April 5, 2014

FAPCCI expressed serious concern about the power cuts

Mr. Shivkumar Rungta, senior vice president and Mr. V. Anil Reddy, Vice President, FAPCCI expressed their serious concern about the power cuts and power holidays for industrial consumers in the State as announced by the DISCOMs.

We were informed that industrial consumers will have to take one day power holiday per week in view of the shortfall in the availability of power.

This has come as a rude shock to the industry. We are still coping with the losses incurred during last year due to acute power shortage and the R & C measures imposed by APERC. It is only from August 1, 2013, that R & C Measures are removed and within 7 months, again the power cuts are started and industry is asked to stop the production for one day in a week. No doubt this will be increased to two days and even three days, as is done last year apart from peak hour restrictions from 6PM to 10PM on all days.

Then Hon’ble Chief Minister and the power department officials, time and again assured the industrial consumers that there will not be any power cuts for industry this year and 100% power will be supplied. They also assured that short term and medium term power purchase agreements are made by DISCOMs to meet the power requirement in the state. AP Transco Chairman in the SAC meeting held on 16 January 2014 said that arrangements are made to meet the demand for power for February to May 2014. Inspite of these statements made by the Chief Minister and the Officials, now industries are subjected to power cuts even before summer has begun.

We questioned the integrity of DISCOMs to declare power holidays. We wanted to know whether this has been done under the guidance and sanction of APERC. We request the APERC to take suitable measures to protect the industry from the power cuts and streamline the power supply.

Yesterday’s announcement of power cuts and power holidays to various categories of consumers is most unfortunate. Inspite of our repeated request to make arrangements for continuous power supply to the industry for the past 4 months power department has failed to take any measures to save the industry in the state. This clearly shows the lack of foresight and the apathy towards the industrial consumers said Mr. Shivkumar Rungta, senior vice president and Mr. V. Anil Reddy, Vice President, FAPCCI.

Media Release by: Adventura (A Kushmanv Group)

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