Thursday, June 30, 2011

National Conference on "PackAge 2011"

PackAge 2011, the two-day National Conference focused on ‘Cost Effective, Innovative & Sustainable Packaging’ started off on 30 June at Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre, Hyderabad. The Conference was inaugurated by Mr. V S Raju, President, The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chamber of Commerce & Industries (FAPPI) with other delegates including Mr. U.K. Saroop, Reliance Industries; Mr. Anil Arora, Print-Packaging.Com Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Debabrata Deb, Future Formats.

Mr V.S. Raju said in his Chief Guest address is that the The current wave of economic development in our country is being observed from all over the world. As infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and services grow at high rates, the packaging industry is also showing great variety and depth in its growth. Our packaging industry may achieve an annual turnover as high as $5 billion a year with a growth rate of nearly 25% in significant segments.

Today, packaging is produced more quickly and efficiently. It is generally lighter in weight, uses less material, easier to open, dispense from reseal, store, and dispose. Packaging has evolved from a relatively small range of heavy, rigid containers made of wood, glass, and steel, to a broad array of rigid, semi rigid and flexible packaging options increasingly made from specialized lightweight material.

While designing the packaging for a new product, the focus is on the creation of entire brand personality. In the redesign of existing packs, care is taken to upgrade the pack without losing any of the existing brand equity. The aim always should be to create effective and attractive packaging, which does justice to the product and invites involvement.

In the lighter vain I may tell you that women’s perfume is often packaged in a lovely curved bottles, but men’s cologne is usually stuck in plain square or rectangle containers. These two concepts take men’s fragrance to a whole new level packaging design.

Mr. Raju also said the Beverages from sodas to sports drinks to alcoholic beverages come in a wide variety of packages. But, often, when we go into stores not sure of what we want, a unique package can be the deciding factor for our purchase. The beverages packaged in these incredible bottles would be sure to catch any consumer’s eye.

Sometimes, the packaging is so beautiful that it may render almost painful to throw away the packaging. When you select a product based on how it is packaged and bring it into your home because you like the way it looks, tossing the package into the trash is a little heart burning. Normally, everyone loves tea or coffee, some of us enjoy both, but we will enjoy it even more when it comes from these tremendously entertaining and inventive packages.

Mr. Anil Arora explained the about the seminar and exhibition. He said that the first day of the seminar, focused on Package Converting, was attended by more than 50 delegates from the industry. Issues pertaining to key raw materials, major conversion processes relating to both flexible packaging & cartons, value added formats and sustainable packaging solutions were covered by renowned speakers from all over the world.

The focus of the second day of the Conference is on Pharmaceutical Packaging, which will cover issues related to pharmaceutical packaging systems & machines, securitization and end-of-line automation.

The PackAge Conference is an added value to the PackPlus South exhibition, which is running concurrently from 1-4 July at HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad.

Mr. U.K. Saroop, Reliance Industries; Mr. Debabrata Deb, Future Formats also spoke at the seminar.

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