Monday, March 5, 2012

FAPCCI demands Power for Industry- Mr. Devendra Surana, Sr VP, FAPCCI

FAPCCI has been in continuous touch with AP TRANSCO Officials since August of the last year. In the month of November 2011 TRANSCO Officials proposed to get a scheme Where in Industries in dire need could get some power at cost from RLNG. The present situation is a 15% - 18% Shortage of power in the system.

However, Industry is being forced to accept 40% power cut. Industry has several sunk Cost in terms of Interest, Depreciation, labour and other overheads which cannot be avoided. On the other hand, there is tremendous pressure from Customers and Bankers to meet the commitments.

In such a situation TRANSCO once again called in for a meeting. Various Deputy Engineers called upon people and over 200 people have attended the meeting expecting some ray of hope.

Once again the Electricity officials let us down without giving any solution. The Other day in the meeting held with Mrs. Geeta Reddy, Minister for Industries, it was promised that a short term solution would be worked out soon.

We request power to be generated from Imported RLNG and given at regular cost to SSI Sector. Medium and large scale sectors can be asked to pay a little higher. The entire Industry is in distress and demand power from Imported RLNG should be offered to Industries immediately.

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